Mally Creative

Web Design Pricing



Website packages at Mally Creative operate on a sliding scale according to site size and complexity. Factors taken into account when determining a site estimate include amount of pages, volume of multimedia elements, graphic design demands, level of content creation, speed of production timeline, and of course β€” your budget. Each situation and project is unique and pricing may vary.





  • Simple site design

  • 1-4 pages total

  • Minimal graphic design requirements

  • No portfolio or online store functionality

  • 5-10 pages total

  • May include portfolio functionality and features intermediate volume of media and design

  • A single 3rd party integration

  • 10+ pages (price can fluctuate quite a bit based on volume of pages

  • May include portfolio and/or online store

  • Multiple 3rd party integrations

  • Heavy multimedia elements and graphic design