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My project with Uptown Woodworks is a story of two awesome dudes who started a business together, found success selling their products on Etsy, and wanted to take the next step to selling through their own website. This project gives me major local pride for living in such an amazing area and getting to work with such amazing business owners and craftsmen. 

Owners Garrett and Harrison were a dream to work with, and ultimately the perfect team! Garrett, the engineer and main builder of the two, and Harrison, the marketing aficionado, created the perfect triad of teamwork to tackle this challenging site. Some of the biggest hurdles to clear with this project were putting their best selling products front and center — their Minnesota-centric pieces. Additionally, making sure their shop functioned properly with all the specifications a client can make on a project as well as shipping the larger pieces. 

In the end, the three of us worked amazingly well together and the finished product is a total winner. The guys are doing great as they transition to moving off of Etsy and functioning 100% from their new website.