Mally Creative


Mallory Jacobson is a marketing specialist and multimedia designer, specializing in optimizing project workflows, achieving company goals, and connecting to target audiences.


Gwyneth Dwyer, VP of Brand (RBI)

"Mallory is a multi-talented social media professional. Her expertise spans social media strategy, social media asset creation β€” videos, posts, ads β€” and social media responding. She also kept a keen watch on our competitive social media position, closely tracking multiple variables across multiple competitors. Highly recommended!"

Colleague: Regency Beauty Institute


Tanai Milgram, Video Producer

"Mallory is a rockstar. It is such a pleasure to work with her as she designs my personal website. She is efficient, extremely easy to communicate with, and very accommodating. I appreciate the fact that from the get-go she was intuitive about the look and feel I was looking for in my website and needed very little direction from me. Her web design skills are impeccable and I am really happy to be working with her!"

Mallory Jacobson LLC Client: Tanai Milgram Personal Website Design


Lucas Di Mascio, Vocalist (Malacoda)

"Mallory takes your concept and ideas to heart, and designs a website in a way that transcends 'just pages of text.' Combining art and technical know-how she builds memorable and effective digital spaces, suitable for whatever your needs may be."

Mallory Jacobson LLC Client: Malacoda Band Website Design


Mary Birchenough, Founder of Let Your Light Shine

"I contacted Mallory to discuss the creation of a non-profit website that portrayed a welcoming and empowering theme. Her worth ethic was phenomenal. Mallory's timeliness, follow through with her commitments, and patience was far beyond my expectations. Mallory answered numerous questions to ensure the best decisions were made not only for my budget but also that my vision would become a reality. She literally walked me through step by step. Upon launch day I had registrations completed with payment and donations accepted without a single glitch. To this day reaching out to Mallory for collaboration on my web-presence has been the best business decision since founding the non-profit. There is so much peace in knowing that you have a marketing specialist and multimedia designer within your inner circle of professional connections that you can trust. I am forever grateful for Mallory!"

Mallory Jacobson LLC Client: Let Your Light Shine Website Design


Molly Schelper, Content Manager (RBI)

"I worked with Mallory on blog and social posts [at Regency], for which she created beautiful, well composed images and videos. When she joined the team at Regency she jumped right in and quickly became a great help to the whole team."

Colleague: Regency Beauty Institute


Daniel Canavessi, Vocalist (Hidden Meanings)

"Months ago I decided to change the logo of my musical project, and Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze, UMP) recommended I talk to Mallory. I did, and it was the right choice. Mallory asked me what I was looking for and presented me with a menu of different logos based on what we discussed. If you want to create or change your band logo, I definitely recommend her!"

Mallory Jacobson LLC Client: Hidden Meanings Band Logo Design


Christiana Mastley, Writer (RBI)

"Mallory is always on top of her tasks. In addition, she was invariably flexible and patient when I needed a little more time to get a shared project finished. She's full of ideas for original content and did a great job of managing and improving our company's YouTube channel. She will bring value wherever she works."

Colleague: Regency Beauty Institute


Kevin Alavi, VP of Operations (Attract, LLC)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mallory while she was at Attract. From the day I interviewed her, I knew she was a creative and intelligent professional. Mallory did an amazing job with our marketing program. She works well independently and needs little direction to accomplish (and exceed) her goals. She was/is/will be a tremendous asset to any team."

Colleague: Manager at Attract, LLC


Crystal Pelkey, Director of Special Events & Patron Services (The Duluth Playhouse)

"I very much enjoyed working with Mallory at The Duluth Playhouse. I admire her graphic design talents, her social media knowledge, and her fun spirit. I'm impressed at how Mallory multi-tasked many projects at once, while providing great customer service. Mallory was vital to The Underground marketing projects, and always a joy to work with. I highly recommend her to any employer!"

Colleague: Co-worker at The Duluth Playhouse