Mally Creative

Social Media Questionnaire


I am thrilled to be considered for your social media strategy.

My main objective is to create a social strategy that achieves your goals and reaches your target audience. Your answers to the following questions will help me better understand your current efforts and what we should do with your future social media management.

Part I β€” The Basics
Primary Contact *
Primary Contact
Nice to meet you! What's your name?
This is optional. I don't always give out my number on the first date either.
If you have one, that is. I also offer web design services!
Please provide me with links to your current social media accounts (copy and paste URL). If you don't have any, just write N/A.
Part II β€” Strategy
What do you hope to achieve? Establish your brand? Engage with your customers? Provide them with customer service?
Please provide as briefly or as in depth as you prefer, a description of your current social efforts/strategies/campaigns.
Local or national? B2B? B2C?
Part III β€” Other People
I can do the legwork for you in terms of what they're doing and if it's working β€” but you might have better insight into your industry than I do.
Either in your industry or completely outside of it β€” who's social strategies (if any) inspire you? Whose feeds to you just love?
Part IV β€” Working Together
There are no wrong answers here. Do you only use it for personal use? Only your business, but you're just guessing what you should be sharing and when? Or are you a marketing whiz and know a thing or two already?
AKA β€” how much time do YOU personally want to spend working on this social strategy? Once a week to go over "the plan" β€” or biweekly, montly, etc.
What kind of process will work best for you? *
I typically charge a weekly stipend to manage a social strategy. While I do have base price points I like to meet, its important to me to work within your budget. It's more about what you're comfortable paying and what your marketing budget looks like. Again, no wrong answers here. I'll speak up if your number is too low or too high.
I'm all ears 🐰