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I was approached by co-founder of the metal band Sentinels, Jonah Weingarten, to design their logo and website. They had a very clear brand in mind, which makes for a very goal oriented style of project — my favorite! This project was a blast to work on also because they are delving into a genre that is unexplored in the metal world: sweeping motion picture style orchestral arrangements, modern classical piano, thunderous percussions, with dynamic and powerful metal-style vocals. Metal's first "lounge act," if you will.

For the logo design, they wanted something modern, strong, and sophisticated. Not a lot of flourish. And they also wanted to incorporate the symbol you see, which is part of one of the member's tattoo sleeve. I opted for a bold, yet thinner serif typeface to communicate the duo's strength and steadfast vibe. The artwork from Jonah's tattoo was provided to me in jpg format, so I converted it to outlines and cleaned up a few areas in Photoshop. Emulating the billing style of a movie poster, I added their names above "Sentinels."

Jonah had a specific vision in mind for the style of imagery they wanted used throughout the site, on their album artwork, and on promotional imagery. Sweeping landscapes in black in white, preferably incorporating snow somehow are what he had in mind. I swept my photo resources to find the imagery you see used, rounding out their brand nicely. I went for a sparse, minimalistic feel throughout the site that blends nicely with the band's sound.

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