Mally Creative

New Music Tuesday

This is a weekly project I manned for about a year based solely around Spotify. The goal was to establish that the company this project was for was unique and different from the other companies within their industry. The method I came up with to accomplish this was to take the staff's eclectic music tastes and create a Spotify playlist that we add to every week. Each staff member contributed a song of their choosing.

I designed custom album artwork to be used in posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their playlist. Graphics featuring a full track listing were shared on Facebook, and square images with only the album artwork were shared on Instagram and Twitter.

I absolutely love this project because it combines my loves of music, social media, and graphic design all into one! Even though music had nothing to do with this company's industry, it was a passion they all had in common and clearly communicated their company culture. And as a branding tool, I can't think of a better way to them apart from their competitors!