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Logo Questionnaire

Logo Design Questionnaire


Let's make a logo. 

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. It'll help me rock out an awesome logo in line with your business or organization's brand. It'll also help me be nerdy and organized as I build put together an accurate proposal and start your design.

If you're looking to just connect and start a conversation about your logo ideas, shoot me a message on my contact page. Thanks! 

Name *
Engineering? Food Industry? Photography? Knowing your industry will help me get a sense of what logos in your industry typically look like.
What is the key message you want to communicate about yourself or your company/organization?
Otherwise known as your elevator pitch.
Young or old? Consumers or other businesses? Fashion-forward or more conservative? High-end or budget? Adjectives are good here.
I can develop you a full color palette based on one or more colors to enhance your overall branding. But mostly this is helpful while designing.
Please provide website links to view examples, or simply list company names. I know how to use Google.
I want to make sure this logo works everywhere you need it to, so knowing what you want to do with it will be very helpful.
Does your organization/company have a website and/or social media accounts? Please provide links to these sites so I can get a better sense of your current branding.
Is there a date that this project needs to be done by?
(For example, an art opening, product launch, album release, store opening, event, etc.)
We'll go into more detail once I start production, but your ideas will get the ball rolling.
This is helpful for me to know for billing services.
Possible services: business card design, website design, letterhead design, video editing, apparel design, promotional item design, etc.