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The best part of my job is creating marketing tools for gifted artists, and that is what I got to do with the Edelstein Photography site. Photographer Charlie Edelstein and I worked together to craft a minimalistic and eye-catching design that let his photos speak for themselves. Specializing in senior portraits and landscapes, Charlie's site is not lacking in the wonderful content department! It was making sure that his branding matched the professionalism of his photos that was the challenge.

I opted for a sophisticated and darker toned color palette, in conjunction with utilizing a simplistic and communicative logo design pulled from a set of pre-designed logo templates. The finished product oozes Charlie's artistic vision and even sports an in-site third party scheduling function so the user can book his or her own photoshoot. Tying in his vibrant Instagram feed as an extra personal touch, the entire product couldn't have come together better. 

It was a joy to design Charlie's site and I can't for the Twin Cities to see his work!