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Comedy of Errors Marketing

The marketing collateral of Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" is one example of my design work at The Duluth Playhouse. For this production, I was in charge of the poster design, print advertisement design, promotional item design (buttons, flyers, etc.), and the production's playbill.

The main goal behind the designs for "The Comedy of Errors" production was to satisfy the director's unique vision while still staying within The Underground's brand. I also wanted to reflect that this was a modern adaptation of the play. To communicate this, I focused on designing the logo with a simple pair of juxtaposed fonts and slightly customized formatting, as well as creating a "hipster" Shakespeare to depict this modern twist on a theatrical classic.

With the production's playbill, I was in charge of every aspect it's production including design and placement of all advertisements, procuring content from the director, setting deadlines, and designing the entire layout. To accommodate for it being printed in black and white, I kept the design simple and reflective of the poster design.