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Client Intake Questionnaire


I am thrilled to be considered for your marketing strategy.

My priority is to create a marketing plan that achieves your strategic goals, while at the same time communicating what makes you or your brand unique. Your answers to the following questions will help me estimate the size, scope, and nature of your requests, as well as help you think through what exactly you would like to create.

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Primary Contact
Nice to meet you! What's your name?
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Please tell me about the range of work you do, the products you sell, the services you offer, or the content you create. If you're an artist or musician — tell me about your art!
Newcomer or established? Local, regional, or national? Artisanal or mass market?
Alternately, if you're an artist or musician — how do new fans typically discover you?
I need to get a good idea of who our target audience is. Are they young, old, middle-class, upper-class, etc.
How have you been getting the word out?
If so, please provide the link below. If not, please write n/a.
What is your estimated monthly budget for marketing?
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Which of the following services will you be needing? *
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