Mally Creative

Carbone's Branding

With a new expansion coming up, Cottage Grove Carbone's hired me to produce a myriad of marketing materials. One of which was to do a branding overhaul — new logo and new marketing collateral.

The goal with their overall re-brand was to not only continue serving the needs of their current customers, but to expand their reach to more Cottage Grove residence, catering clients, craft beer aficionados, and generally a younger audience. They also wanted to be directly recognized for more than just Carbone's flagship pizza, but for their wonderful original cuisine and upcoming craft beer focus.

Keeping this direction in mind, I chose modern, thin fonts to catch the attention of a more "hipster" audience, while also incorporating a rich and relevant color palette. Finding clever ways to work in the knife and fork artwork was a blast! Deciding on a "new" name was a challenge, but in the end "Carbone's Kitchen & Pub" really summed up what their intentions are with their new upcoming adventures!