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Two Years of Creating


About a year ago, I wrote a similar article celebrating my then one year anniversary of my company. I shared some words of wisdom I had gleaned from my newfound career — nuggets of gold like “do work that excites you” and “take the mundane projects sometimes” and “let your personality shine.” Pretty much everything I wrote then still applies now. Especially the part about not letting that time management bite you in the ass — see my blog on being organized for some specific pointers 😉

With another year under my belt, I’m not so eager to share a list of lessons I’ve learned. Instead, I just wanted to share how truly blessed I feel to have the life that I have. My work is so much a part of me that it is me. My work is what you see on the screen or on a sheet of paper, sure, but it’s my personality, it’s my experiences, it’s my actual self. I used to think that only artists or musicians were giving a piece of themselves to their customers, but as a marketing specialist and multimedia designer, I get to do that too. Through the creativity I get to express, through the messages I connect with people. Sure — making a flyer for a meat raffle isn’t exactly expressing my soul to the world, but you get what I mean.


I find my work to be extremely personal and its just so meaningful to share it with my clients. I hope one day to branch out and potentially sell some of my own products that I’ve designed, maybe some apparel or other merchandise. I also have ambitions to write a book or two someday if I ever find the time. But for now, Mally Creative is my focus and I couldn’t be happier with the career I’ve made for myself. Thank you to everyone who’s given me a chance, I hope I’ve served you well. Here’s to more years of success and being self made! Cheers to two years!

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