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Make Today Your Bitch


One of the top responses I seem to get when I say I’m self employed is, “How do you stay organized? I could never manage myself like that.” Let me tell you, it’s not easy! Its taken a lot of trial and error to find the workflow that suits my work style the best. Now that I’ve got things pretty much down to a science, I thought I’d share my wisdom on how to make today your bitch.

  1. Asana


The project management tool Asana is how I keep my social media clients organized. I had the opportunity to give Asana a test run at two of my previous places of employment before using it for Mally Creative. It’s a task-based tool that allows you to assign tasks either to yourself or others on your team. I loved it at my previous jobs because it completely cut down on in-house emails because you can conversations around tasks or projects in Asana just like you would on Facebook. It’s a super intuitive platform that you can mold to yourself or your company super easily. I can’t recommend it enough!

2. Panda Planner

I was introduced to the Panda Planner by a friend a couple months ago. Being the kind of person that really retains information if I write it down, I thought I’d give it a try. I fell in love with it immediately!

You’re able to list out your plans, goals, focus, exercise plans, and more in three different ways: monthly, weekly and daily. I tend to really only use it daily when I know I’m working that day, but I am astounded by how much more organized I’m able to keep myself by writing things out. Keeps me accountable. Plus, as an added bonus, I get to use my ever-growing collection of multi-colored felt tip pens. #Score.

My favorite feature of the Panda Planner is on the daily spreads and you’re able to list what exercise you’ll do that day, what your affirmation for the day is, and what you’re grateful for. Really helps get your priorities in check and keeps me grounded in whats most important to me.


3. Spotify


My level of productivity is completely based on my mood. If I’m not in the right headspace to work, nothing gets accomplished. Music is a huge way to shut my brain off to the rest of the world and just focus. I’ve found that I work best to instrumental tunes, so I’ve curated a few different Spotify playlists to suit my mood. Feel free to steal one of them next time you need to hunker down and get some shit done.


4. Environment


Working from home has it’s huge perks (like working in your PJs all day) but sometimes I find that the environment isn’t conducive to getting shit done. I can get distracted by laundry or cleaning or the cat way too easily. On those days, I gotta change up my environment. I personally prefer a bustling coffee shop with some prime music selections. Others may prefer a quiet library. To each her own, but sometimes the environment plays a huge role in my level or productivity and organization. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite places in the Twin Cities area to call my office from time to time.


5. Exercise


It might seem a little counterintuitive to step away from work in order to get work done, but I’ve found that I can be much more focused and excited to work when my energy levels and fitness are on point. It really breaks up my day nicely to take an hour break to catch a barre or yoga class at my local fitness studio (Energy Pilates Fitness & Yoga). One of the biggest benefits I’ve found to delving into yoga and barre specifically is that it gives me a chance to flush everything out of my brain and focus on myself and my body for a period of time. Get all the work out of my brain and recalibrate. When I come back to my laptop, I feel energized and refreshed to make the day or evening my bitch!


I hope some of my tips and tricks of the trade help you organize your day and flourish as whatever kind of professional you are! Having the right attitude to tackle the world is half the battle sometimes. A few other suggestions I’ve heard of that haven’t tried just yet is using candles or aromatherapy to put you in the right headspace to work. And I do keep a green fluorite crystal on my desk to inspire original creative and practical thoughts. If you believe in that sort of thing 😉

I’d love to hear how you make each day your bitch — what’s your routine, your secret weapon, or your centering exercise to take on the world!

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